Press releases


21 Mar, 2016
Jaspen Capital Partners announced that it has become an investor in renewable energy heating projects.  The projects were undertaken by New Era – Energy Group (“New Era”) and are located in the Kyiv and Chernivtsi regions of Ukraine. 
15 Sep, 2015
The SEC investigation had focused on certain trading patterns attributed to Jaspen, patterns that since have been discontinued.  While neither admitting nor denying the SEC’s allegations, Jaspen has undertaken an internal review of its internal procedures in order to move beyond this event and focus on its core strengths.  The settlement provides for a civil monetary penalty that Jaspen shall pay with immediate effect, but it does not impose any restrictions on Jaspen’s normal business activities.
07 Jun, 2013
KDM Shipping Public Limited (ticker symbol KDM:PW) is one of the leaders of the Ukrainian shipping industry, primarily transporting dry bulk river-sea freight in the Black, Azov and Mediterranean Sea regions.  The company also performs ship building and repair services from its shipyard in Kherson and owns a sea tourism line in Kiev.